Check in time- how is everyone?

So I know I posted in February that I was back, well it’s been a bit manic. I was ill as well as Baby E and then we were hit with the restrictions due to Covid-19.

My last day of work was a week ago as the day centre has closed its doors temporarily and I thought this would be a good time to continue to build my business, I recently became a Body Shop at Home consultant, and blog more. Well that hasn’t gone to plan yet. I’ve managed to work a little on the business but started getting ill this week and now we are in isolation as a household. I’m not sure, no one is, if it’s the virus or if it’s just a cough but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I feel awful and hope it passes soon. Cough that is dry and scratchy, tight painful chest, sore/dry/itchy throat, achey and extremely tired. My fibromyalgia has flared, along with the TMJ I’ve just been diagnosed with (that’s a story for another day) and also my eczema on my hands and feet (pomfylox) and my scalp has flared.

On a positive note we have enjoyed the sunshine this week and spending time together. I love being with my baby girl and watching her grow every day.

So the reason for this post, I just wanted to see how everyone is. I know this is an anxious, worrying and stressful time. It’s uncertain what will or won’t happen, it’s unknown how long lock down will last but what I do know is together we can help each other through this.

I am here if you want to chat, so please just message me. Also if you are homeschooling your children now and need any help or ideas, I’m an ex teacher and more than happy to help in any way I can.

Keep safe and stay well.


Iā€™m back… hopefully!

The last time I posted it was the summer and I was discussing going back to work. It seems a life time ago and since then I’ve gone back to work, celebrated Baby E’s first Christmas and first birthday!

My plan was to post regularly and document our journey as a family of three and how I cope day to day with fibromyalgia but unfortunately this didn’t happen. I pulled away from social media for awhile due to anxiety and when I went back to work I was overwhelmed with managing day to day life and adapting to being a chronically ill working mum.

I’ve always found blogging and writing cathartic. Getting it down and sharing my experiences has helped me keep on track and I’ve found the blogging world to be supportive and a place full of information and ideas. Now Baby E is older I am finding I have a little time to myself each evening and thought this might be a good time to start writing again. I’m hoping to start writing some posts looking back at our first year as a family of three including discussing CMPA, reflux, travelling abroad with a baby, what we did to celebrate first Christmas and birthday and tips/products we have found useful in the first year.

I hope those of you who started following initially will continue reading and I look forward to hearing from new readers as well.

Keeping in touch

The worst thing about maternity leave is going back to work and even worse than that is going back to work, looking after a baby and having chronic pain!

A couple of weeks ago I agreed to do a few keeping in touch days before I return later this year. It was a decision I spent ages mulling over. Leaving Baby E for a whole day, even if she was with daddy, was the scariest thing I’ve faced since becoming a mother. The guilt of leaving her, worrying if she will miss me (even though I knew she wouldn’t) and worrying how my body would cope with a full day of work after being at home for months.

Leaving her wasn’t as hard as I thought as I knew she was safe and I had a good day at work. The adults I support were so happy to see me and it was nice to have adult conversation. On the fibro side it was hell!!! My feet killed, I ached from head to toe and the fatigue was a killer. Luckily daddy was home to help but the second day he wasn’t and it was so tough. All I wanted to do was sleep but I had a baby to look after.

This is going to be a massive learning curve when I return to work properly and I think it’s going to take a lot of trial and error to manage work, baby and day to day life. But I will keep you updated on the journey and any tips I find for dealing with this. If anyone else has any tips for the initial return to work with fibro please let me know!!

This is me…

So I thought my first post should be a little introduction to me and my family and a short summary of what I intended to focus on with this blog.

Our family

Mummy E – That’s me! I describe myself as a 20-something year old but in reality everyday is bringing me ever so closer to 30. I am a fully qualified teacher and have worked in both mainstream and special education schools. Before becoming a mum, and due to ill health, I worked as a supply teacher and initially volunteered at a group for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities which quickly turned into my main job and now I am a senior support worker there. I can whole heartily say both these jobs are the best in the world! As the blog title suggests, I have fibromyalgia (as well as a few other health conditions) and have suffered with this for several years. I am now adjusting and adapting how I cope living with a chronic illness and having a baby. I enjoy music, books, art, crafts and spending time with family and friends. I’m not very outdoorsy but I’m hoping to get out more now I have a baby, if my body allows it.

Daddy E – Daddy is an amazing and supportive husband. He is our rock and for me he has been there to pick me up when I’ve hit rock bottom. It’s not easy being the husband of a spoonie ( I’ll explain that term later) but he is always there looking after me. He is an amazing daddy and Baby E loves spending time with him, her little face lights up whenever he is around. Daddy enjoys outdoorsy, adventurous activities (which I leave to him and his friends) and chilling on the Xbox or computer and reading. Daddy doesn’t really like social media so probably won’t feature much.

Baby E – Baby E is currently 5 months old and is perfect in every way. She is the baby we thought we might not have (more on fertility issues later). She is developing well and growing up so fast. I didn’t really believe anyone when they said she won’t be a tiny, cuddly baby for long and now I do! She suffers from reflux, which is medicated, and Cows Milk Protein Allergy or CMPA. I’m hoping to share our experiences with getting diagnosed and how they impact life day to day, especially as she is about to start weaning.

Why Fibro-mum-elmer?

I used to blog under the alias ‘My Fibro a New Beginning’ but decided a fresh start was needed with a new blog, new look and new focus as I’d lost my motivation and passion for writing and dropped out of all social media relating to this. After speaking to my best friend, who is a literary genius, came up with the name to represent the new blog. (You can check her blog out here). I want this space to be a place where experiences can be shared. My focus, currently, is to share information on fibromyalgia and chronic illness, PCOS/fertility, living with a baby who has CMPA and reflux and to share the ups and downs of life with a chronic illness and a baby. I want to share ideas, products, tips and tricks I’ve found help or we love.

I’m a fibro-mum taking one day at a time!